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Things that you can lend for money!

All this you can borrow for money | The term one also looks for in crossword puzzles is “leasing” or leasing. But beyond that you will find here a list of the best 7 THINGS you can borrow for money!

Borrowing things for money instead of taking personal loans?

Borrowing things for money instead of taking personal loans?

Borrowing money from a bank or taking out a loan is one thing. But if you want to get money fast, then think about it, maybe you could not have some valuable object at home, which you could exchange for money?

So goods, articles, products, things, things that you can borrow very easily against money and are accepted worldwide. A real credit without credit check – or even better known as a credit without Schufa.

Private credit and pledge

Private credit and pledge

In the USA one speaks of so-called Pawn Shops, in Germany one knows these transactions also as pledge business or pledge. Since then you know the so-called pawnshop again.

The interesting thing is that this concept also exists with every loan or loan. That means if you take a loan for a house or if you need fast money and want a short-term loan, then in some cases existing property or assets will be pledged.

So in principle the pledge business is nothing more than being able to lend value to money!

Borrow for money – valuables

Borrow for money - valuables

How does it work? The principle is quite simple. It is a business. This means that as with any business, a legally valid contract will be signed. So an agreement with conditions. Of course, these conditions must not violate the general laws of business law, which are also regulated in the terms and conditions.

And what does this contract include? So, basically, the contract or agreement states that you lend certain valuables to money for a limited time.

If this time has expired, then the pawn shop reserves the right to keep the valuable object inserted. That’s the basis for this business, as you can lend valuables to money. One speaks also of something to offset.

But, you can also clearly and clearly go into business and tell the owner that you have a special piece at home, which you just want to sell.

So you see, there are many ways to convert your valuables for money, to sell or just to borrow for money! Here in my article now described in more detail with what you really can lend money today!

Here you will find the list of the best 10 things you can lend for money.

TOP 10 list – lend everything for money

TOP 10 list - lend everything for money

1. jewelry


Pawn shops always like to take money against branded watches, or generally jewelry with gold and silver. These materials are always very popular and in most cases can easily be borrowed for money.

These valuables are also small, handy and easy to carry. Lending jewelry for money is very popular with many pawn shops. But be aware that you will of course get nothing for a junk watch and that many pawnbrokers have been in the business for many years and know exactly what you are doing.

That is, the owners usually have a very long experience with items and realize that every day hundreds of people at a pawnbroker knock on the door to lend your valuables for money!

2. Electronic devices

2. Electronic devices

Clear case. If you have certain electronic devices that are big in the market, so the trend is really, then you will also get money. No matter if cameras or laptops.

Whether these are the better phones, ipads, Iphones or really good audio systems. It has become a very definite micro market which has become very popular by some traders. Some pawnbrokers, on the other hand, do not do anything with electronic devices. That usually depends on the pawn shop.

3. Musical instruments

3. Musical instruments

A classic thing and valuables that is always gladly accepted by money lenders are good musical instruments. Keyboards are less popular, but what’s really going on is classic musical instruments.

So like a piano, a piano, a saxophone, clarinets, violins, etc. So you can assume that string instruments and wind instruments are always in the heat if they are not completely broken. The state of a musical instrument is of course crucial, as well as the brand.

4. Antique furniture

4. Antique furniture

If you have an old antique piece of furniture somewhere in the attic, then you may be sitting on cash. Antique furniture is popular. Whether armchairs or tables. Everything that is really good old wood and was made by a real master has really a high value.

So the next time you think about lending money immediately, think again about throwing away an old chair or table. Maybe it’s better for you to bring these items to the pawn shop. And maybe you can lend the antique furniture here for a short time for money!

5. Weapons

5. Weapons

This category always seems to be somewhat skeptical. But it is a fact that all kinds of weapons are always welcome in pawn shops.

Whether it’s an old sword or special blacksmith’s knives made by a real blacksmith, or whether it’s a revolver, a pistol or a hunting rifle. In principle, these valuables can almost always be borrowed for money or used against money!

Firearms, knives, swords, everything that goes with them.

6. Art objects

6. Art objects

All forms and types of art objects can be exchanged for cash or borrowed for cash.

These include valuable paintings, sculptures and certain and specific artistic creations by sculptors and painters.

7. coins

7. coins

One of the best and easiest things to borrow for money is coins. These are always highly popular and are usually worth money. A brain tip when it comes to getting fast money!

8. Collections and collectors

There are also really good collector’s pieces. Whether it’s the model train, crystal glass, ceramic tea and coffee service, signs, equipment, stamps, cards, etc. Hot Wheels.

If you underestimate collectibles, then look at this video, where you can see that a Hotwheel Atuo can also be worth $ 150,000.

The list is big when it comes to collectibles.

9. Books

9. Books

Not only old books are very popular and originals. But also completely new books, such as comic books are always well traded. There are also books with certain signatures which are very popular. So you see, borrowing books for money is also a popular form of money lending.

10. records

10. records

Also in this area a lot has opened up. After the so-called CD replaced the records, a particular market has developed. Whether it is old record players or the records themselves.

Collectors are ready to pay a lot of money for your black slices.

So you see that this list of TOP 10 items can certainly help you to think about what you can lend for money!

And above all, what can be bestowed against the most profitable money!

All this you can borrow for money – have fun and success! Oh well, and if you’re interested in learning more about making money online, with everything that really interests and excites you, come to my span group on Facebook.

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