A construction worker found in a Dublin suburban park died of a severe blunt violent trauma



A CONSTRUCTION WORKER found in a Dublin suburban park died of extensive blunt violent trauma with multiple fractures and bruises on the lungs and outer surface of the heart, as heard at a murder trial.

The jury also heard that the infliction of a blunt violent trauma suggested that the deceased’s body had suffered multiple punches, kicks, and “punch-like” injuries, while some of the injuries were inflicted when the deceased was “curled up and” lying down. “

The deputy state pathologist Dr. Margaret Bolster testified today at the Central Criminal Court against Feri Anghel, 40, who is charged with the murder of Romanian citizen Ioan Artene Bob, 49, on April 13, 2018 in Co. Dublin.

Anghel, without a permanent residence, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bob.

At the trial opening yesterday, Paul Greene SC said that Ioan Artene Bob was found “in physical distress” by passers-by at Sean Walsh Park in Tallaght after being severely assaulted and suffering “extensive blunt trauma”.

Dr. Bolster announced today that Greene had performed an autopsy on Bob in Dublin City Mortuary on the morning of April 14. She said the deceased was wearing a hospital gown that was badly blood-stained on the right side.

Dr. Bolster said there has been extensive soft tissue damage to the body that occurs when one has multiple fractured ribs and air enters the soft tissue. She said the deceased’s hands were “those of a laborer.”

In her testimony, the witness said there was a blunt force trauma to the forehead, as well as swelling and bruising around the left eye and left earlobe.

“There was extensive bruising up to the tip of the nose and a fracture of the nasal bone,” she added.

There was also bruise around the right eye that extended to the right eyebrow and temple area and down the right cheek. There was also bruising and swelling on the upper lip that extended into the inside of the mouth, the pathologist said.

Dr. Bolster indicated that the bruise extended over the lower jawbone and Adam’s apple to the collarbone. There was very extensive bruising around the neck and a blunt force trauma that extended to the left side of the neck, she said, adding that the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage were also broken.

The jury also heard that there was a swelling in the back of the scalp and a “slightly jagged part thickness” on the right side. There were bruises on the right upper arm, above the right elbow joint, and on the back of the right elbow.

Dr. Bolster said there were fractures in the ribs and very extensive bruises all over the chest, back and pelvis.

Regarding the heart, the expert said there was bleeding or bleeding in the front part of the chest and the front wall of the pericardium. There was bleeding in both lungs and there was an “almost complete collapse” of both lungs. She said there were multiple fractures of the rib that ran down the back and were close to the spine.

The deceased suffered “global brain damage” because not enough oxygen had reached the brain as a result of the cardiac arrest.

A toxicology report showed that the blood ethanol was 166 milligrams, which roughly equates to between four and five pints of beer.

In summary, Dr. Bolster that there was a very extensive blunt force trauma with very extensive bruises on the scalp and neck and fractures of the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage.

There were also very extensive bruises over the breast and lower jaw bones, as well as several fractured ribs, bruises on the lungs and the outside of the heart. She said there were also kicking and stomping injuries to the face and neck.

Dr. Bolster said the deceased’s cause of death was blunt violent trauma to the head, neck and torso with extensive soft tissue bleeding, multiple fractures of the ribs, lower jaw and larynx, bilateral pneumothoraces and pulmonary hemorrhages and heart contusions.

When asked by Greene about the infliction of a blunt violent trauma on the deceased, the witness said this indicated that there had been multiple punches, kicks and “punch-like” injuries.

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In cross-examination, Dr. Bolster told defender Padraig Dwyer SC that the main injury area was from the waist up and that the injuries were inflicted from multiple directions. “Some of the injuries were done when the person was curled up and lying down,” she noted.

Paramedic Tony Donnelly, who works with the National Ambulance Service, said he received a call before 8 a.m. on the morning of April 13 to go to Sean Walsh Park.

He said he was escorted to where a man was lying “face up” in the bushes with his head near the edge of the ditch. “He got up and was about to leave and tried to say something, but we couldn’t understand,” he said, adding that the man then went to the ambulance.

Donnelly said he drove the man “who was in need” to Tallaght Hospital and he passed out when they arrived at the casualty and emergency room.

The witness said the man began to breathe when his pulse was taken. “He was showing symptoms of cardiac arrest in the hospital and we handed him over to the doctors,” he said.

Donnelly said he noticed how puffy the man’s face was “around his eyes” and he was badly bruised. There was also “a trickle of bright red blood” coming from the nose, he concluded.

The trial will continue next Thursday before judge Eileen Creedon and a jury of eight men and four women. It is expected to take five weeks.

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