Architecture Beyond Capitalism Summer Workshop 2022 – Announcements


The Architecture Lobby’s Academia Working Group has announced a summer 2022 workshop as part of their annual Architecture Beyond Capitalism (ABC) School. The ABC 2022 workshop builds on last year’s session, which focused on capitalism, labor and collectives, by focusing on studio educational practices.

As an educational environment where most of the time and resources of an architecture student and teacher are concentrated, Studio is explored as a key place to test how organization and action can become fundamental to change in architecture Practice and postulate other roles for the architect than the “designer”. As an initial prompt, the ABC asks: How do we understand Studio to support and encourage activist organizations? How can design be taught in a way that does not continue and reproduce capitalist exploitation?

We are coordinating a workshop to evoke action-based approaches to transforming architectural education by bringing together students, educators, practitioners, designers – anyone interested in rethinking the architecture studio across different settings and scales. This workshop will be an open platform to build a cohort dedicated to the current and future work needed to transform ‘design’ education/practice. Any person who is thinking or would like to think about what Studio means and how it can create relevant architectural collaborators with the skills to inspire, organize and work on change is encouraged to participate in, contribute to or lead these virtual conversations.

These workshops will take place online via Zoom from July 18th to 23rd. The schedule will be communicated at registration but the time commitment for the workshop will not exceed (12) hours and will be coordinated to work with as many time zones as possible. Anyone interested should register using this form: ABC School 2022 Registration Form


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