Construction worker wins Made in Bury’s £2,000 draw


This week’s winner of the Made in Bury £2,000 weekly draw is builder and landscaper Ross Hand with lucky ticket number 22263.

Ross has been in the draw since May 2021, joining the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw Facebook group and ordering two tickets a week.

He responded almost immediately when draw organizer Leanne Hooper called him.

After Leanne said it was “Winner Wednesday,” the joy in Ross’ voice was evident even before Leanne confirmed that he was, in fact, the winner of the week.

Ross said, “What a Wednesday this is!”

He took the call at a convenient time, just as he was finishing his brew during a break.

Ross said he will invest the money in buying a larger boat.

He is currently selling one he just restored and then wants to find another to do the same with.

If you want to win like Ross, go to for tickets.

The weekly £2,000 ‘Made in Bury’ raffle is a charitable initiative whose raffle funds support start-up businesses in Bury with training and interest free loans.

There are 2,400 tickets available and for £2 per ticket per week you have the chance to win £2,000 every Wednesday.

For more information contact Leanne on 07494 185595 or email [email protected]


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