Elizabeth Warren has slammed Rick Scott’s ‘shameless attempt’ to pass legislation that would block Biden’s student loan forgiveness


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not happy that Republicans are trying to block student loan forgiveness from reaching millions of Americans.

After President Joe Biden announced Up to $20,000 in student debt forgiveness for federal borrowers in late August, Republican Senator Rick Scott announced legislation this would require Congress to approve blanket debt relief. Senate Democrats blocked passage of that bill, and on Wednesday Warren blasted Scott for even trying to pass the legislation.

“This is a shameful attempt by Republicans to keep working Americans buried under mountains of student debt,” Warren said in the Senate.

“Senator Scott’s bill is just one of Republicans’ desperate efforts to prevent the annulment for millions of Americans,” she added. “Now Republicans are happy to hand out tax breaks and legal loopholes to billionaires and giant corporations, but they’re fighting tooth and nail to prevent working families from getting a dime of relief.”

Warren also pushed back on Scotts and many of his GOP peers that student debt relief would benefit the wealthy and those with advanced degrees, saying that “none of the aid goes to people making more than $125,000 a year.” earn,” referring to the income cap. Biden backed his policy, and that the vast majority of borrowers who benefited from the relief did not attend Ivy League schools.

Still, during his speech after his bill was blocked, Scott reiterated his conservative criticism of student loan forgiveness.

“Now a Florida construction worker has to foot the bill for a Harvard graduate student loan he voluntarily took on for an apprenticeship,” Scott said during his Remarks. “So here’s what the Democrats are saying about this construction worker: You didn’t go to college? The Democrats don’t care. You will pay the debts of lawyers and doctors. And you’ll pay for those who wanted to get a PhD in poetry. Talk about poetic injustice!”

He added, “Biden wants to spend money that Congress hasn’t committed to a loan forgiveness that Congress hasn’t approved. It’s illegal. It’s unconstitutional. It is gross abuse of office and I will not stand for it. Congress needs to assert its authority here. We have power over the wallet. Not the President.”

Other GOP lawmakers have, too bills introduced to block student loan forgiveness, arguing that the scale of this relief is illegal. while Biden entertains He has authority to implement this policy under the HEROES Act 2003, which gives the Secretary of Education the ability to waive or amend student loan balances in connection with a national emergency such as COVID-19. Republicans have said this is an overstepping of authority. Some of them like Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Virginia Foxxhave even announced their intention to take legal action against the debt relief and block in court.

Still, Democrats are stepping forward with relief. Biden’s administration plans to make application forms for student loan forgiveness live early October and will release more details on the relief before payments are scheduled to resume in January 2023.

“I’m celebrating because the cancellation will bring life-changing relief to working families across this country,” Warren said. “And that’s why I disagree with the shameless attempt by Senate Republicans to deny them the relief they need.”


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