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According to current research, almost half of Poles take out a loan at least once a year. Loans are usually granted in the range from 1,000 to 5,000 PLN. These loans are usually granted to people not only with the lowest income but also with an income above PLN 5,000 net. Of course, people with a higher income claim higher amounts.

The calculations regarding the selection of the cheapest loan mainly include the total amount to be paid. In the case of a loan of PLN 4,000, the total amount to be paid may range from PLN 4,347 to 5,440. Which is quite a big difference and therefore it is worth getting acquainted with several offers and asking specific questions.

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The best loan is definitely an online payday loan direct lender at With us, the decision to grant a loan is granted within five minutes of submitting the application. The loan can be used for any purpose, which avoids notifying the lender about what we used the money from the loan. The loan period is also important when choosing a loan, it stays in the range from three months to even ten years, and everything depends on the borrower’s needs.

The loan can be up to 20 times the borrower’s income. It is also worth taking care of the credit insurance package due to the future uncertainty, which will ensure repayment security. It should also be remembered that the loan is available in three forms as a cash loan, credit line and credit card.

The loan should be possible to check, even through an online bank account. Certainly, access to full credit information should be provided by a person in a bank position.

Due to the number of elements affecting the choice of credit

One should become familiar with many offers of various banks from which a choice will be made. Of course, it will be best if the loan is cheap, and its amount and repayment time tailored to individual needs. First of all, you should consider our financial ability to pay installments and the basic features of the loan (ie APRC, insurance fees, the cost of additional services, the amount of the installment and its type, which products are included in the loan, the opportunity to take advantage of the promotion).

In the search for the best loan for us,

Numerous online loan comparison websites will definitely help. When creating this type of statement, the most often taken into account are such elements as the total cost of consolidation loan (APRC), the maximum loan amount that can be taken, the maximum loan period and the waiting time for a credit decision, as as well as other attractive conditions. The amount of the bank’s commission for granting the loan is also important.

Of course, the final choice depends on the person concerned and his individual needs. Everyone should calculate their own capabilities so that there is no problem with repayment of the loan. Problems with credit can push the borrower into a spiral of debt, which rarely ends well.

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Who gives me money? So I got money immediately Sun, 28 Jul 2019 05:07:25 +0000

We help you to find someone who will lend you money!

Who gives me money? Have you already asked yourself this question? Especially if you want to borrow money urgently? “I give away money”, without conditions without obligation and without conditions. Such advertising ads can often be found on the Internet. Personally, I do not give away money, but there are organizations that give away money!

Yes, that’s the good news. I actually found organizations that are giving away money. Under certain conditions, these organizations can help you! Go directly to the organizations that give away money!

Attention: Lock offers with money allocation

Attention: Lock offers with money allocation

It looks like many companies are tempting with offers to get something for free. But in most cases, these lock offers are nothing more than a bait to buy something.

So who gives me money without luring me with a purchase offer? Whether this is advertising on the Internet or so-called affiliate programs where you are told that you can make quick and easy money.

Get money through games

Get money through games

Many think that you can make the fast money by playing on the Internet. Or maybe you turn around on lucky wheels and hope to get a great gift. But the big money is not. Maybe it’s a 20 € mark but otherwise it will not be great. Sometimes it is better to borrow money privately.

I have also read many funny articles about where people talk about a false world and give away money from frustration. Yes, quite simply, it is said, I give away money. Even if it should only be 10 € a month. Of course you do not have to be a millionaire. The funny part is that people also call visitors to write an e-mail why and why you need the money.

And the only thing you should do is write why and why you want to give you money. And in the end, the money is simply sent to you, whether it is transferred directly to the bank account or sent by post, that’s a completely different question.

The easiest way is of course to use PayPal where the money is transferred. At least that’s how it is written.

In addition, it is also reported that every month is published who got the money and why. And if the whole thing is fun because we have given away even more money.

If you get something more than once a month you can probably consider yourself as a minority of people. Yes, ah, I am still giving away money and have already reported about it. And no matter if I live in the cinema or anywhere else in the world if I give away the money then of course that will only be sent by bank transfer or paypal.

If you do not get paid then you will have no choice but to borrow the money. Or maybe thinking of accepting a job and trying to make some kind of money.

Anyway, maybe you will lend yourself money and get a cheap installment loan. If you ask yourself who gives me money?

Then you can assume that it is guaranteed not to be your bank that wants to give you money. Also, you can think about whether you might want to borrow money from private individuals. Because lending money privately is easier than going to his house bank.

Yes, this is one way to get paid money. Borrowing money from private individuals seems to be a better option than trying to get a loan from your bank.

Especially if your credit rating is not the best or you may already have a negative credit bureau entry.

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

Maybe you are in the lucky position that someone wants to give you money. But most likely it will be more likely that you want to end up borrowing the money from private individuals.

But the question is who lends me money. Or maybe there are organizations donations that give away money? If this is the case you should find out the following question for yourself.

Who donates money? Well, there are organizations that give away money in certain cases and circumstances. In principle, this is nothing like borrowing money without a bank. But actually even better because if you get this money then it is not borrowed.

That means you do not need to pay this money back yet. Yes, there is simply no interest rate and no repayment rates. No matter if you use the money instead of a car financing or you then need to record key figures for a real estate financing, it just does not matter.

If you want to borrow money immediately then I have at the end of this post for you a list of providers that make it possible to quickly and easily borrow money today. Yes, even if you want to lend money at short notice these providers make it possible where you can borrow money quickly and easily today.

There is nothing better if you can borrow cash immediately and the desired loan amount is still transferred to the account today.

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Borrow for money – TOP 10 things to cash Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:32:03 +0000

Things that you can lend for money!

All this you can borrow for money | The term one also looks for in crossword puzzles is “leasing” or leasing. But beyond that you will find here a list of the best 7 THINGS you can borrow for money!

Borrowing things for money instead of taking personal loans?

Borrowing things for money instead of taking personal loans?

Borrowing money from a bank or taking out a loan is one thing. But if you want to get money fast, then think about it, maybe you could not have some valuable object at home, which you could exchange for money?

So goods, articles, products, things, things that you can borrow very easily against money and are accepted worldwide. A real credit without credit check – or even better known as a credit without Schufa.

Private credit and pledge

Private credit and pledge

In the USA one speaks of so-called Pawn Shops, in Germany one knows these transactions also as pledge business or pledge. Since then you know the so-called pawnshop again.

The interesting thing is that this concept also exists with every loan or loan. That means if you take a loan for a house or if you need fast money and want a short-term loan, then in some cases existing property or assets will be pledged.

So in principle the pledge business is nothing more than being able to lend value to money!

Borrow for money – valuables

Borrow for money - valuables

How does it work? The principle is quite simple. It is a business. This means that as with any business, a legally valid contract will be signed. So an agreement with conditions. Of course, these conditions must not violate the general laws of business law, which are also regulated in the terms and conditions.

And what does this contract include? So, basically, the contract or agreement states that you lend certain valuables to money for a limited time.

If this time has expired, then the pawn shop reserves the right to keep the valuable object inserted. That’s the basis for this business, as you can lend valuables to money. One speaks also of something to offset.

But, you can also clearly and clearly go into business and tell the owner that you have a special piece at home, which you just want to sell.

So you see, there are many ways to convert your valuables for money, to sell or just to borrow for money! Here in my article now described in more detail with what you really can lend money today!

Here you will find the list of the best 10 things you can lend for money.

TOP 10 list – lend everything for money

TOP 10 list - lend everything for money

1. jewelry


Pawn shops always like to take money against branded watches, or generally jewelry with gold and silver. These materials are always very popular and in most cases can easily be borrowed for money.

These valuables are also small, handy and easy to carry. Lending jewelry for money is very popular with many pawn shops. But be aware that you will of course get nothing for a junk watch and that many pawnbrokers have been in the business for many years and know exactly what you are doing.

That is, the owners usually have a very long experience with items and realize that every day hundreds of people at a pawnbroker knock on the door to lend your valuables for money!

2. Electronic devices

2. Electronic devices

Clear case. If you have certain electronic devices that are big in the market, so the trend is really, then you will also get money. No matter if cameras or laptops.

Whether these are the better phones, ipads, Iphones or really good audio systems. It has become a very definite micro market which has become very popular by some traders. Some pawnbrokers, on the other hand, do not do anything with electronic devices. That usually depends on the pawn shop.

3. Musical instruments

3. Musical instruments

A classic thing and valuables that is always gladly accepted by money lenders are good musical instruments. Keyboards are less popular, but what’s really going on is classic musical instruments.

So like a piano, a piano, a saxophone, clarinets, violins, etc. So you can assume that string instruments and wind instruments are always in the heat if they are not completely broken. The state of a musical instrument is of course crucial, as well as the brand.

4. Antique furniture

4. Antique furniture

If you have an old antique piece of furniture somewhere in the attic, then you may be sitting on cash. Antique furniture is popular. Whether armchairs or tables. Everything that is really good old wood and was made by a real master has really a high value.

So the next time you think about lending money immediately, think again about throwing away an old chair or table. Maybe it’s better for you to bring these items to the pawn shop. And maybe you can lend the antique furniture here for a short time for money!

5. Weapons

5. Weapons

This category always seems to be somewhat skeptical. But it is a fact that all kinds of weapons are always welcome in pawn shops.

Whether it’s an old sword or special blacksmith’s knives made by a real blacksmith, or whether it’s a revolver, a pistol or a hunting rifle. In principle, these valuables can almost always be borrowed for money or used against money!

Firearms, knives, swords, everything that goes with them.

6. Art objects

6. Art objects

All forms and types of art objects can be exchanged for cash or borrowed for cash.

These include valuable paintings, sculptures and certain and specific artistic creations by sculptors and painters.

7. coins

7. coins

One of the best and easiest things to borrow for money is coins. These are always highly popular and are usually worth money. A brain tip when it comes to getting fast money!

8. Collections and collectors

There are also really good collector’s pieces. Whether it’s the model train, crystal glass, ceramic tea and coffee service, signs, equipment, stamps, cards, etc. Hot Wheels.

If you underestimate collectibles, then look at this video, where you can see that a Hotwheel Atuo can also be worth $ 150,000.

The list is big when it comes to collectibles.

9. Books

9. Books

Not only old books are very popular and originals. But also completely new books, such as comic books are always well traded. There are also books with certain signatures which are very popular. So you see, borrowing books for money is also a popular form of money lending.

10. records

10. records

Also in this area a lot has opened up. After the so-called CD replaced the records, a particular market has developed. Whether it is old record players or the records themselves.

Collectors are ready to pay a lot of money for your black slices.

So you see that this list of TOP 10 items can certainly help you to think about what you can lend for money!

And above all, what can be bestowed against the most profitable money!

All this you can borrow for money – have fun and success! Oh well, and if you’re interested in learning more about making money online, with everything that really interests and excites you, come to my span group on Facebook.

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Loan with credit bureau entry – my mistakes and what I learned from it! Fri, 21 Jun 2019 05:27:33 +0000

My mistakes – my experiences and what I learned from them

My mistakes - my experiences and what I learned from them

I needed a loan urgently. Banks had refused all my loan requests. I was very desperate, and did not know how I could get a loan with credit bureau’s entry. If you have not yet read the 12 facts about the credit without credit bureau, then I recommend you read this post afterwards. Duration: 5 minutes, including video explanation.

In this article you will find my biggest mistakes I made. Mistakes you should avoid – and how you can finally get a loan with credit bureau entry! In addition, I explain what a liberated loan actually means by the lenders.

In addition, the request is increasingly made to make loans without credit bureau and proof of income. Also, I report in detail. Is there even a possibility to apply for a loan without credit bureau information and credit check? In this post I explain more details.

What you need to know before you can get an online loan with negative credit bureau.

What you need to know before you can get an online loan with negative credit bureau.

I had a negative entry in the credit bureau – and before I even knew that, I had already made numerous credit inquiries. That was already my first big mistake. Well, luckily, neutral credit bureau requests do not affect your credit rating. But here is my story and what you should learn from it.

Who decides on your credit rating?

Who decides on your credit rating?

Every lender will try to get information about your credit rating. Banks are required by law to determine the creditworthiness of each loan request. Even if it is a rescheduling. And even then your credit rating is checked when talking about a loan without credit bureau.

But who has the right and the opportunity to provide information about your credit rating? Would not that be just yourself? Because only you can know the best whether you are creditworthy or not, right?

Sadly, this is not the case. If lenders asked for your credit rating, you would very likely give the information that you have no money problems. Or at least you are able to settle debts.

A lender, as well as a bank, can not rely on the sole judgment that was made by you. For this reason, third persons are consulted, who will evaluate your credit rating completely neutrally and independently.

This third person is so-called information. This has resulted in companies and sub-groups working with lenders and saving relevant financial data from you.

Reputable direct banks and private investors

Reputable direct banks and private investors

So these companies have data stored by you which shows whether you have outstanding claims or not. So if you have or have had debt. And whether or not these debts are repaid also run.

Credit with credit bureau entry or better to look for a loan without credit bureau?

From this mix, your personal credit rating. And every company has its own evaluation method. The credit bureau speaks of a credit bureau score. The higher the number of points, the better your credit rating.

And this assessment is forwarded to banks and lenders when you make a loan request.

Error No. 1 – No credit bureau self-made

Error No. 1 - No credit bureau self-made

So before you make a loan request, you should already know for yourself what your credit rating is. So, you should do a credit bureau self-disclosure. So you can determine how your credit rating is classified.

You also get a list of all entries and requests that were made before. In particular, you will also find negative entries. With this information, you should try as a first step to delete unworkable entries from the credit bureau.

No bank and no lender had previously recommended that I conduct a self-assessment of my credit rating. Yes that’s right. That really made me angry. Because if I had known that, then I would not have hesitated a minute and immediately made a credit bureau self-assessment – even more so because this is completely free.

Where can you get a loan with a credit bureau entry and at which bank?

Where can you get a loan with a credit bureau entry and at which bank?

Getting a loan with negative credit bureau or a loan with credit bureau entry – is that even possible?

The bank of your choice rejected the loan request, but you need money to overcome the financial bottleneck. All that is understandable. But before you even think about applying for a loan with negative credit bureau, you should set up a simple revenue expenditure bill yourself.

In general, it will be almost impossible to get a quick loan with negative credit bureau from a normal German bank. That’s a good thing. Because this mechanism protects you from taking a possible unnecessary bridging loan that leads you even closer to over-indebtedness. Notes in the credit bureau file thus lead to your credit rating being lowered. And the lower your credit rating the more difficult it will be to get a quick credit with credit bureau entry.

Bankruptcy, dunning or enforcement are grounds for rejecting your loan request.

Experience with a loan also with credit bureau entry!

Experience with a loan also with credit bureau entry!

Should the bank notice a negative entry in your file when making the loan decision, lending is very unlikely. Even the loan for two, together with a second borrower to apply for a flawless credit bureau file does not help you.

The requirements for a loan with negative credit bureau!

The requirements for a loan with negative credit bureau!

The most important requirements you have to meet for a loan with bad credit bureau. The conditions are the same for almost all banks – there are slight differences:

  1. An indefinite employment relationship, with a time limit, this may not be shorter than the specified repayment term.
  2. The income must be sufficient to guarantee the installment.
  3. You must already be of age, that is, at least 18 years of age have ended.
  4. A permanent residence in Germany is a prerequisite, this rule is valid for German citizens and foreigners in a credit inquiry in Germany.
  5. Borrowing is supplemented by additional collateral such as home ownership or other real estate.
  6. Bad are hard negative features such as, an open bankruptcy, an arrest warrant, or an affidavit.
  7. Without income, you will need a second claimant who meets all the above requirements.

Online credit with negative credit bureau?

Online credit with negative credit bureau?

If you want to apply for an instant loan with negative credit bureau, then it should be clear that each bank has different criteria for accepting and awarding a loan.

The internal credit guidelines influence decision on a positive credit decision as well as on which conditions you can get a loan amount. The better your qualifications, the higher your chances of the credit bank making a good offer.

In case of deviations from the guidelines, the costs can rise significantly. In general, one can assume that a installment loan with negative credit bureau entry will usually be more expensive than a good credit rating.

And conventional banks will usually reject a loan with very bad credit bureau to avoid over-indebtedness. An alternative to this are private lenders. These judge completely different the credit rating and financial situation and can offer also a credit with negative credit bureau entry.

Where can I get credit with negative credit bureau?

Where can I get credit with negative credit bureau?

How serious is credit without credit bureau really?

With our free premium list you have the opportunity to select direct banks and private lenders, which can also offer a loan without credit bureau entry. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself which provider is suitable for you. After a serious instant loan with negative credit bureau, more and more people are searching every day.

On the Internet you will find various offers, with completely different conditions and conditions. If you want to apply for an online loan with bad credit bureau, then you will find no reputable costs with reputable providers. In order to avoid any financial damage, every “cheap loan offer” should be checked exactly for the terms of the contract.

Auto credit with negative credit bureau without advance payment!

Auto credit with negative credit bureau without advance payment!

A car loan with negative credit bureau is easier to obtain, since the car also serves as security. With a corresponding down payment, the car loan with credit bureau entry is almost certain. What applies to a car loan with credit bureau, also applies for a home loan with credit bureau. Here, too, the house and plot as security in addition.

Instant loan without credit bureau with instant confirmation!

Instant loan without credit bureau with instant confirmation!

credit bureau uses mobile communications companies, mail order companies and financial institutions. Without the credit bureaus, these companies could not offer their products in full. The direct sale of instant loans is steadily rising. If you want to buy a new mobile phone on installments you will usually find loan offers directly from the dealer.

It is also increasingly offered an instant loan with instant confirmation. Especially in these cases it is necessary to check the loan offer.

But also mobile operators work together with the information service. Even when buying mobile phone on installments, the credit bureau is usually checked. After that, the company decides whether the mobile phone contract can be approved or not. The “score value” then decides whether the company can approve the instant loan with immediate approval.

How do you get a loan with credit bureau entry immediately!

How do you get a loan with credit bureau entry immediately!

So we now know that it will be very difficult to get a loan from negative credit bureau. The entry in the credit bureau does not automatically mean that a borrower is already bankrupt. But commercial banks in Germany have regulations in which a loan without credit bureau query is simply not possible.

An alternative to this is private lenders who are also able to lend a loan despite credit bureau entry. Rieder Enterprises offers the free premium list, which lists selected reputable online banks and private lenders.

Instant loan with credit bureau entry

Instant loan with credit bureau entry

Prejudices about the credit, regardless of a negative credit bureau, are created quickly. A loan despite negative credit bureau needs the same collateral as a normal financing. You need to prove to the lender that you have the ability to make the monthly installments.

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7 House Credit Tips That Bring Cash – Home Loan Without Equity Tue, 04 Jun 2019 04:58:14 +0000

This is how a home loan without equity + subsidies works

You have to build a house and borrow money for it? Then, like most people, you will think about a home loan. A home loan is traditionally granted by building societies, banks or savings banks. They are the classics among the types of loans for real estate financing. What you should look for and how to best choose your home loan is explained in this article.

Pay attention to the repayment plan of your home loan

Pay attention to the repayment plan of your home loan

Loans intended for new construction should be chosen wisely. You are planning to buy a condominium or an already completed house? Then the purchase price is already fixed. The situation is different with the construction of your own home. New builds are usually hard to calculate in advance – especially if you want to have a home loan with no equity.

During the planning mistakes can be made or it comes during the construction phase to unforeseen surprises. If you calculate the funding incorrectly, bottlenecks can occur. The result? It threaten expensive refinancing or a refinancing that may be associated with other costs!

A low mortgage lending rate makes the home loan at the debt restructuring cheaper

A low mortgage lending rate makes the home loan at the debt restructuring cheaper

How expensive a loan actually gets depends on various factors.

  1. interest rate
  2. additional costs
  3. Loan scope

All these things play a big role here if you want to borrow money for a house! You should therefore attach great importance to comprehensive and professional advice.

You are thinking about taking out a home loan? Use our mortgage calculator.

Credit for house financing

Credit for house financing

Take advantage of our free premium list. Find lenders who are also able to offer a home loan without investing equity.

At the moment we have a low-interest phase, you should take that into account! Otherwise, it may increase your future installments if the rates of follow-up financing are higher than they currently are. Use our home loan calculator to find the best real estate financing and compare current offers.

Another advantage: If the loan is repaid higher at the beginning, the residual debt that is due after expiry of the fixed interest period is significantly lower.

How to pay off your home loan properly

How to pay off your home loan properly

The agreed repayment rate affects the repayment period and thus the cost of your loan. The faster you pay interest in the role of the client, the lower the term of your loan. The result is very pleasant: the years in which you have to pay interest, shorten!

Example: A loan of EUR 100,000, with a 1% initial repayment, with a nominal interest rate of 4.5% interest is paid only after 38 years. On the other hand, if you were to choose a repayment installment of 3% as a borrower, it would already be debt-free after 20 years and would have saved you some € 1,000.

You want to know how many years you have to pay off your loan? With our construction credit calculator you can calculate how the term of the construction loan is influenced by the change in the repayment performance.

Your benefits of online home loan comparison

Your benefits of online home loan comparison

Use the numerous loan calculators that you find online. Almost all of them work the same way:

Enter all relevant data such as loan amount, duration and amount of monthly repayment and your income. So you can immediately see a result at which conditions you can borrow money for your house.

The loan calculator creates an individual financing plan including interest

  1. Spending on clothes
  2. Car expenses
  3. Recreation

In addition, you can calculate and compare the current interest rate level.

In this way, you can identify at an early stage whether follow-up financing can be considered after the end of the fixed interest period or not. You can then conveniently realize this in good time with a forward loan. So you probably secure a favorable interest rate, which comes very close to today.

These credit types are available to you

Before you submit a loan application, we recommend getting an overview of your options. The following offers are available:

The mortgage loan

It is the classic of home loans, which is secured by a mortgage. The mortgage, also known as mortgage loan, often offers favorable interest rates for the borrower.

In light of the current low level of interest rates, the interest rates for mortgage lending are no more than they have been for decades. With our real estate loan calculator you can compare current offers.

Comment: With the current low interest rates of the EurCenank, not only private consultants, but also building societies are increasingly recommending real estate investments.

Home purchase financing

Home purchase financing

Even the Federal Association of German banks advises consumers to take into account the current interest rates in the design of house financing. You should therefore implement this project sooner than planned.

The following applies: You save even more when you compare home loans. Our Real Estate Loan Calculator helps you compare cheap deals.

The annuity loan

The annuity loan

It belongs to the group of mortgage loans and is particularly popular. The characteristics of this loan are as follows:

  1. A monthly rate is set in advance
  2. Monthly installments stay the same for the entire duration
  3. The installment consists of a repayment portion and an interest portion
  4. With each paid installment, the repayment share increases while the interest rate decreases

Other variants of home loans

Other variants of home loans

In some cases, the forward loan or the repayment loan are also used. In addition, even a full financing is possible in which no equity is used – but this is worthwhile only for the few borrowers.

Our tip: Find a cheap home loan with comparison computers on the Internet!

The building loan

The building loan

Here are two main types:

First, there is the house loan out of a current contract. Here is the austerity phase of the home savings contract has already ended and thus is entitled to the very low-interest loan.

On the other hand, there is the Bausparsofortkredit. Here a new contract is concluded. It must first be saved in order to take the loan later. Through an interim loan, also called trailer loan, the austerity phase is bridged.

Loan calculator Mortgage lending: Our loan calculator helps you to find a cheap mortgage lending.

The Bausparsofortkredit is usually used to secure a low interest rate over the entire term of the house financing.

As a borrower, make sure that the total cost and the effective interest rate are difficult to calculate and compare for this instant loan.

An important tip: When calculating a home loan, be sure to consider the total effective interest over the entire term of the offer and pay attention to the transparency of the offer.

The capital life insurance as a source of income

The capital life insurance as a source of income

A rarely chosen constellation of funding is the insurance loan. A capital life insurance is taken out and then saved.

The money for the purchase of the house results from a pre-financing, which is repaid at maturity of the insurance by their distribution.

However, against the backdrop of the euro and the financial crisis and the turbulence on the capital markets, there are some risks associated with this type of financing:

  1. Substantial costs are only apparent after the conclusion of the contract
  2. Often, however, the consumer has been paying for years
  3. Under certain circumstances, the residual debt of the pre-financed property can not be paid
  4. Many borrowers have already lost their own home in this way
  5. This house financing is only suitable for people with a particularly high and secure income

Basically, have the entire financing plan calculated in advance by your tax adviser. Take into account all kinds of surprises that may come your way. How can you best do that? The first step to get an overview is the home loan calculator.

The promotional loan

If you are planning to buy a house or build your own home, there are many different state funding options available. These are the most important ones:

Loan from Intrasavings Bank

  • Supplements according to the Homeowners Act (also called Wohn-Riester)
  • Individual subsidies of the individual federal states
  • Support at the local level

Low-income families benefit from subsidized loans

The focus is on low-interest property loans or subsidies. Depending on the family situation and state, maximum limits for eligible persons can vary widely.

Find credit for home buying & matching promotions

Find credit for home buying & matching promotions

Are you interested? Use a counseling session with your local government to clarify key issues. In many communities, low-cost building plots are awarded especially for young families and entrepreneurs.

Also municipal loans with very favorable interest conditions are available here. If you are looking for building finance without equity, you will find further information in our contribution to the home loan without equity.

In addition, you will also find a home loan calculator that allows you to quickly and easily calculate monthly repayments.

Attention: The regional funding and the allocation of construction money depend on the budget of the respective municipality and state.

If the funds for the home loans are exhausted, borrowers have no legal entitlement to a promotion and may even go blank. The good news: There are many ways to finance a home.

Other lenders that can finance your home purchase even without equity can be found in our free premium list.

How to find a promotional loan

How to find a promotional loan

At the county and city administration, you can find out which funding programs are available in your immediate vicinity. You can also ask for the conditions that have to be fulfilled here. For listed buildings, there are also numerous support programs at provincial level.

In this case, it is advisable to first find out more about the conditions under which these subsidies are awarded to the monument authority or the relevant building authority of the respective municipality.

In principle, measures for the energetic renovation of buildings with particularly attractive building fabric are promoted.

Likewise, individual modernizations of all other residential buildings receive financial support. These may include the replacement of the heating technology, a new insulation or the renewal of the windows.

In addition to a low-interest promotional loan, Intrasavings also offers the borrower an amortization subsidy. This can often save high costs, since the loan period is shortened and not the entire loan must be paid.

Summary – you should pay attention to the loan for your house

Summary - you should pay attention to the loan for your house

Most importantly, is the so-called checklist. It may be worthwhile for future homeowners to rely on a real estate loan during home construction. Consumers who flirt with such a loan, however, should pay a lot of attention, according to financial experts:

  1. Pay attention to a low, annual percentage rate
  2. Check the combined financing from mortgage and building society loans
  3. Look at the total effective interest rate for combined offers
  4. Avoid handling fees
  5. Strive for a long-term interest rate fix if the current level of interest rates is favorable
  6. Watch for falling trends when interest rates are currently particularly high (short-term or variable loan)
  7. Take advantage of special repayments
  8. Avoid prepayment penalties
  9. Do not forget that the rate can rise after the interest rate has expired
  10. Save money by using the home loan comparison
  11. Reputable providers recognize you by means of low processing fees

Our tip: As a borrower, you should also save on interest to be able to partially repay the remaining debt at the end of the fixed interest period.

That’s why debt repayment often makes sense


If you have determined that the current interest rates are lower than those of your own home loan, a debt restructuring may be profitable for you. At the very least, you should do a home loan comparison in the first step.

In this way, you as a borrower are likely to benefit from high interest savings. You should pay attention to these points so that your rescheduling makes sense for you:

  • The rescheduling may only be possible after the end of the fixed interest period
  • A change before this period is only possible in exceptional cases
  • For this, a prepayment penalty is required

Calculate in advance whether the interest savings are so high that the above-mentioned prepayment penalty is worthwhile.

  1. Use a rescheduling calculator before you switch financing
  2. Take advantage of the home comparison calculator to see if rescheduling is worth your while

If the rescheduling is guaranteed by the bank, the term can often be shortened, whereby the borrower is debt free much earlier.

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9000 Euro payday loan – it’s easy Tue, 28 May 2019 06:55:58 +0000


9000 euro payday loan needs can arise quickly.

9000 euro credit needs can arise quickly.

Since a 9000 euro loan falls into the range of small loans, there are very clear basic requirements for banks, in order to approve a 9000 euro payday loan. In the search for a suitable 9000 euro payday loan one meets as consumers on innumerable offers. But not every offer is really as good as it seems at first glance. The most important point is the cost of the loan and due to very different interest rates, these differ in part considerably. A comparison brings clarity, what a 9000 euro payday loan really has to cost. The current Top 3 providers are camibank, onlinekredit and the CE Bank. All three providers offer a loan of the same amount with instant confirmation. With a term of 48 months, the camibank scores with a minimum interest rate of 4.29 percent and a maximum interest rate of 9.99 percent, depending on its credit rating. This results in the best case, a monthly repayment rate of 204.05 euros for 48 months. A relatively high acceptance rate also speaks for the top offer of camibank. In second place is online credit with an interest rate of 4.35 percent to 10.90 percent and convinces as well as the camibank. The monthly loan installment is € 204.28 with a loan of € 9000 and a maturity of 48 months. In third place is CE Bank. CE Bank has a share of 4.40% to 11.95% and can be proud of these interest rates, which are credit-dependent. Here, the monthly credit rate for a term of 48 months is 204.48 euros. On the following places you will find more interesting offers and some providers scored with an extremely high acceptance rate and so should be chosen wisely the right provider for the most personal credit needs.

This requires banks

This requires banks

In order to get a 9000 euro payday loan approved, the bank’s audit must be positive. Basically, a loan is awarded only from the age of 18 years. Even a permanent residence within Germany is a must to get from a bank based in Germany a loan in the amount of 9000 euros. A sore point are also negative credit bureau entries and thus lead to the immediate rejection of the loan application. In addition to the credit bureau query, income proof is also very important. So a permanent employment relationship must be proven. It is best to submit an employment contract to the bank. This should be indefinite and have existed for at least 6 months. Fixed-term employment contracts are usually insufficient.

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Where can you borrow money – uncomplicated & fast – that’s how it works. Tue, 14 May 2019 04:52:14 +0000

As a freelance graphic designer I was able to borrow money online

Where can I borrow money if you need an immediate payout? My 2-minute story of how I managed to borrow money quickly and easily.

In this post, I recorded how I could borrow money online without my house bank.

Read my story. Use possibilities with which you can lend money immediately! Find out how you can get an instant payout!

Yes, I managed to borrow money quickly and easily online. I am Austrian, and in Germany foreigners. And I did not know where to lend money without using local banks.

Who lends me money despite credit bureau?


So you can borrow money despite negative credit bureau

My credit bureau score was nil because as a foreigner I could ever score. A very bad starting position. Nevertheless, I urgently needed money immediately to make my necessary payments. The banks in Munich had responded too slowly to my loan request.

I was self-employed at this time. This is also called freelancing. I am a graphic artist and who was already independent, who knows that it is also difficult to achieve constant projects and revenue.

At this time in Munich, I needed a small financing. My request for a self-employed loan takes a long time from all local banks. From a bank, I received only after two weeks, a response to my request. Uff ….

If you want extra speed, use my MONEY PREMIUM LIST. This list includes select banks and lenders that have paid particular attention to the payment of instant loans.

Borrow money as a freelance graphic artist

Borrow money as a freelance graphic artist

And on the fast which I also do not have the ability to improve my credit bureau Score. So what could I do?

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

“Where can I get money?” I thought. The only alternatives to banks were private lenders. I knew that there had to be private donors too. But where else could I find these? And how could I ensure that private money lenders could actually give me the money?

And if I actually got a personal loan, how would I get the money? How would I get the cash paid out?

At first, I had the Internet dursucht. Google was my first job. I’ve tried almost every banner ad and every platform. Advertisements such. “Borrowing money today” has made my hopes grow fast!

But as it is with advertisements. Each and every banner seemed invariably to make only cheap promises. And in the end I did not get any money – but a credit cancellation!

What the hell was going on? How can I get money fast?

Borrow money if you are in a hurry

Borrow money if you are in a hurry

So that’s it, I thought. I had absolutely nothing left to lose. But my situation did not seem completely hopeless, because I already had a new job in view. The employment contract was signed. But I would receive my first salary payment in 6 weeks.

And so I realized. In the short term, I had to borrow money privately and find a way to get money!

I strained my brain cells and thought about how best to get money in my situation! And then, I came up with an idea.

I lived in the USA for years before. And I remembered how I got weekly offers from credit card providers in my mailbox. The credit card was already sent in the envelope.

Most credit cards have already given me up to $ 5,000 in credit. All I had to do was activate the credit card and I could dispose of the money.

Well, well, I thought. Germany is not America. But also in Germany there are private credit card providers! So I had to find out how I could get a credit card!

You can read more about it in my article, how I found credit card providers and my experiences with it! Read my contribution credit card without credit bureau!

Money lends despite credit bureau entry

If the credit cards are out of the question for you, then I recommend you to use my 2-minute search request. This will send you a list by e-mail, with private lenders who can lend you money despite credit bureau!

Where can I borrow money?

Where can I borrow money?

Easy and fast it should go without long waiting times. As a freelancer I managed to get money online. With the right partners, you can now borrow money immediately. How, I’ll tell you here and now!

I have managed to borrow money as a foreigner in Germany immediately as a freelancer.

I have tested various credit calculators and numerous online credit providers who advertise to lend you money immediately and today. Borrow money from private persons? What worked?

And which providers have tried to “kid me off”? What simple tips you can use to get your online loan instantly. And how you can lend money privately!

Where can I borrow money without a bank?

First, I went to a local bank and asked for a loan. After 10 minutes I realized. I do not get an instant confirmation from the bank.

The staff assured me that the loan request takes 3-5 days to process.

That was just too long for me. So what could I do now? And how could I borrow money without a bank? That’s why I’ve tried another way of lending personal money to individuals online. I’ll tell you how I managed to borrow money online without a bank.

I’ll show you step by step how you can lend money. With a fast and transparent credit comparison in Germany. There are many online platforms for personal loans.

I compare uncomplicated and fast loans from private to private. You can start your loan request in a few minutes immediately and without obligation. But yes, a few minutes you should take your time and read this article.

Then you also know where you can borrow money. I’ll show you step by step how to borrow money from individuals on the internet. And yes, I managed to borrow money online in 24 hours.

Where can one borrow money immediately and seriously without long waits?

Where can one borrow money immediately and seriously without long waits?

If you are currently close to cash or you are in financial distress then it can help you if you can lend money quickly. And if you need money, no matter if it should be a smaller amount or a larger loan then you need the money also urgently and not in months.

No matter what purchase you want to make, whether it should be a renovation for your house or a loan for your car. The question is: Where can you borrow money and who will lend me money?

Where can I borrow money without income?

Where can I borrow money without income?

My situation was not very easy. I had no work and no proof of income at this time. Well, I was a freelance graphic designer and had a few projects I’m working on.

First, I went to local banks and asked if the bank could lend me money. After talking with the supervisor for about 10 minutes, I realized that the bank could not help me immediately.

The answer to a micro-loan was quick and short. We will process your request. Please have a little patience. We will contact you next week. Well, but that was way too slow, because I needed the money immediately and not in a week.

Who will lend me money if not my bank?

Who will lend me money if not my bank?

So it happened that I searched online immediately for easy and fast lending without a bank. Where can you borrow money from private persons? And so I realized that I had to borrow money from private individuals. Because a conventional financial institution just seemed to be much too slow. So I searched the Internet and also found many different private lenders.

Quick and easy money lending without bank

Quick and easy money lending without bank

For one thing, I’ve found online marketplaces where credit seekers and private lenders come together. On these marketplaces it is possible to announce their credit request.

What is relatively quick and easy in practice. When that’s done, you can get loan offers from individuals. The conditions for a loan from private individuals vary. It is clear that you should be accurate and honest for yourself with the information your monthly expenses as well as a name.

The loan application can be made online quickly and easily. And in just a few minutes, you’ll know if private lenders will lend you money or not. I would also like to point out that there is also the chance to get a Swiss loan.

Another possibility is through credit cards. There are also private credit card providers where you can borrow money immediately and today. This process works best in most cases. At the end of this article you will also find these providers that allow you to get cash on your account today.

Where can you borrow money as a self-employed person?

Where can you borrow money as a self-employed person?

If you are an entrepreneur or you start your own business, then there is a solution for it. Special lending money for the self-employed is very complicated at banks.

Again, private lenders offer many advantages over banks. So you can private help faster and easier to help you to get your money.

Even with less good credit. Of course you should be careful to improve your credit bureau Score. But it is clear that private lenders usually do not require a business plan for a self-employed loan. It is important that you explain your project and business plans well and understandably. Then it is easier for the funders to understand your business idea. And in the end, borrowing the money will work fast and easy.

Where can you get money?

Another advantage is the fact that many private small loans or larger sums for a loan often have more favorable conditions than offered by banks. Making money borrowing makes even more sense.

You can also choose the desired loan, the principal amount, your monthly repayment rate and the intended use in many cases.

What about your credit opportunities?

In principle, everyone has the same chances of getting a loan. Even if your credit rating is not the best, you as a private person have a good chance of getting money. Following you will find now my search order where you can quickly and easily make a no-obligation loan request.

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