Floor design for public spaces


Given the high footfall that public spaces are exposed to on a daily basis, flexible flooring solutions are always in high demand when designing floors.

From busy sports stadiums, convention halls and exhibition centers to airports, libraries and other public spaces, flooring plays an important role in providing comfort, insulation and cohesion.

Engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic, GH Commercial flooring solutions can be used to create dynamic spaces in these busy environments, directing the flow of people to where it is needed.

With flooring installed in famous locations around the world, GH Commercial has equipped your public space with a wide range of collections.

Flooring collections by GH Commercial for public spaces


A carefully curated performance

Dance often begins with isolated movements that are pieced together by a choreographer to create a carefully curated performance. We invite you to explore, arrange, create and merge the choreography collection of boards and develop your own coherent rhythm on the floor.


A biophilic and design-oriented multifunctional collection

The Oceanic Collection captures the moods of Oceania and draws inspiration from our unique geographic location. The Tasmanian and Coral Seas, including the stunning Great Barrier Reef, feature patterns, textures and hues that have influenced this bold commercial rug collection, designed on-site by our in-house design team.

The Oceanic collection features three different commercial carpet styles, each offering their own unique benefits, but all offering eye-catching, bespoke interiors.

Lichen 1.5

An award-winning collection, now made locally

Designed by Living Product Challenge founder Jason F. McLennan and his team at McLennan Design, the Lichen Collection is inspired by clusters of multi-hued, multi-textured lichen and their regenerative role in our ecosystem.

Following the success of the Lichen Collection, Lichen 1.5 brings an updated pattern with eye-catching elements, designed with local Australian and New Zealand interiors in mind. Lichen 1.5 features the same stunning color palette as the original collection, with shades such as Reindeer Moss, Orange Sea and Everbloom designed in a 3-tile system to create zones within a space.

Manufactured locally in Australia using the latest Pattern Perfect tufting technology, the Lichen collection is now available faster than ever. Like all our Australian made carpet tiles, it is Red Listed.

Nutopia 2.0

An expansion of the award-winning Nutopia Collection

Our continued pursuit of sustainable innovation yields Nutopia 2.0, an extension of the award-winning carpet plank system inspired by the urban fabric of our lives. When we think about how humans coexist with buildings, roads and other infrastructure, we also need to think about how we as humans coexist with nature.

Our Pattern Perfect precision tufting platform brings to life three new styles that redouble the commitment to responsible manufacturing practices. At the intersection of design and sustainability, Nutopia 2.0 embodies our commitment to dematerialization and a more restful, carbon-neutral future. In collaboration with Gensler, who acts as product design consultant, we bring you the Nutopia 2.0 collection.

Optical reset

Self-expression, creativity and determination

The concept behind Optic Reset exemplifies the visual age, where visual education and creative democracy are for all and we are fluent in the elements of graphics, photography, design and art.

Social media has influenced this, allowing for self-expression and creativity to unite us with a sense of purpose as we walk together.

Wool carpet tiles

Natural, renewable and insulating fiber

Bring the familiar qualities and warmth of wool to commercial spaces with our wool carpet tiles. From hospitality to healthcare, our Australian-made NZ Wool carpet tiles are the flexible, renewable way to enhance the natural beauty of your interiors.


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