HDC Announces Rf 1 Million Architectural Design Competition


The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced an architectural competition worth Rf 1 million.

The HDC said the competition is open to both local and foreign participants. The aim of the competition is to offer talented and competent architects the opportunity to submit sustainable and creative designs.

Entrants in the Rf 1 million competition must come up with a concept on the theme of ‘commercial backbone of the tourism island’, incorporating traditional and contemporary design. The commercial backbone will be an area where the public can easily do business and spend their free time engaging in many sporting activities.

The winner of the concept phase of the competition will receive a prize of Rs 200,000. Second place finisher will get Rs 30,000 while third place finisher will get Rs 20,000.

In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to make detailed engineering drawings of the concept and will receive a prize of Rs 750,000.

Registration for the competition is possible via the HDC competition website /https://design.hdc.com.mv. Therefore, only one concept can be submitted per participant.

Registration closes on Monday September 12th. HDC will hold an information session for those who register and more information about the competition will be available on the company’s website.


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