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Photo: Ken Scar, Clemson University

Clemson University’s Joseph Choma has been named the next director of the School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Choma is currently director of the Design Topology Lab and, since July, director of Clemson’s Master of Science in Architecture program. Choma will take office on July 1, replacing associate professor Francis E. Lyn, who has served as interim director.

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His work focuses on material innovations, experimental construction methods and the effects of complex geometries on the built environment. Notable projects included a recent studio exploring the application of his patented foldable fiberglass structures as protection in the aftermath of natural disasters, an installation for the AIA’s Atlanta Emerging Voices competition in 2013, and the solo exhibition object to atmosphere for the Barbara Archer Gallery, also in Atlanta.

Choma’s patent for foldable composite structures. Image courtesy of

A graduate of MIT and the University of Cambridge, he is the author of several leading design texts, including The Philosophy of Stupidity, Etudes for Architectsand the 2015 travel guide MORPHING: A Guide to Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers.

Most recently, Choma was Visiting Associate Professor at MIT and 2019-20 NCCR Digital Fabrication Researcher in Residence at ETH Zurich.

From ‘BORDERS 02’. Image courtesy of Joseph Choma

Choma shared his desire to create a program that can help students adapt appropriately to the increasing challenges in design, using the same award-winning research methods that have propelled him to national prominence over the past decade.

“I want to foster a school that is critical of the growing complexities surrounding the cultural and technological architecture project,” he said in a statement provided to Archinect. “Let’s embrace limitations as opportunities and tackle the toughest problems of our time. ”


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