Leading architecture firm in black ownership, commitment to outstanding projects



Black-owned Meticulous Design + Architecture is a leader on two major projects in African American communities in Indianapolis, and its founding partners see an opportunity to both honor and inspire the community through their work.
Meticulous Design is leading the community engagement for the project on the former Oaktree Apartments site in the far east, along with the architecture and design for the new family center in Frederick Douglass Park.

Founded six years ago, the company is based in Indianapolis and has an office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Brian Robinson, one of the founding partners, said it was important to get involved with communities even before a project officially begins. That way, hopefully, the process feels more natural to residents when it comes to committees and hearing sessions.

Meticulous Design was involved in building one of the library’s newest branches in Martindale-Brightwood, so the team was already familiar with the neighborhood when they started Frederick Douglass Park.

“That really is the key and the most important thing in all of this,” said Robinson. “We have to maintain this relationship with the community so that we can have this trust.”

Damon Hewlin, a founding partner, said architecture affects everyone, be it in education, work, or leisure. Part of the company’s goal is to make people understand that their community doesn’t need all the luxuries and money of a place like Carmel or Fishers to have nice things.

It is important to bring “the absolute best” into projects in African American neighborhoods, said founding partner Ramon Morrison, because this level of commitment is not always a guarantee and can be a good example for the residents.

According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 6% of people who work in architecture, engineering, and related services are African American.
“We understand that this is also a point of inspiration and hope for people who look like us and are from the communities we come from,” said Morrison.

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