Applause for the efforts of local business owners and Singaporeans in creating a stable, supportive logistics economy

SINGAPORE, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% Singapore’s Business[1] and are an essential part of creating stability for Singapore in overcoming global crises. Pan Pac, as one of Singapore’s largest and longest running commercial leasing company, strongly supports local businesses. Over the years Pac Pac has developed one Singapore Focused customer-centric approach to commercial leasing business model to enable Pan Pac to better serve local industry needs.

During the disruption phase and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pan Pac’s team had to quickly come up with new ideas and processes to help its leasing customers through a difficult time. The need for delivery services and transport vehicles increased greatly during this period as everything from groceries, groceries, necessities to clothing needed to be delivered. In addition to logistical, staffing and operational challenges due to the sudden surge in demand, Pan Pac’s customers also faced uncertainty and a sudden need for capital investment in vehicles.

Pan Pac’s non-traditional approach to commercial vehicle leasing helps lower the cost of doing business for local businesses Singapore

Businesses often spend a lot of time and money buying and maintaining fleets, and this is where Pan Pac could help. Leasing offers companies a fast and cost-effective solution to increase or decrease their ability to deliver according to demand. This generally improves resource efficiency and profit margins. To top it off, Pan Pac took the opportunity during the pandemic to transform its traditional leasing model into a more seamless one, making it a no-brainer for local businesses to start a leasing program with Pan Pac. Pan Pac also prides itself on an excellent maintenance program and 24/7 customer service.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, Pan Pac is celebrating local businesses and their industry champions this August and would like to highlight two business owners who have transformed parts of their business with the help of Pan Pac and have steadfastly served their fellow Singaporeans over the past 3 years: Tiffanie Sioa 29-year-old fishmonger/seafood retailer and Andrew Tam by Wanpo Tea Shop SG.

Local fishmonger adds new distribution channels with help from Pan Pac

Tiffanie says, “Pan Pac has really taken customer service to the next level to help small businesses like mine with limited manpower. When I needed to bring my business online via live streaming and start delivering to customers instead of taking them to my booth, Pan Pac made it quick and painless by arranging lease payments through PayNow (a Singapore Mobile Payment App) and arrange for our vehicle to be serviced in the western part of Singapore, where our shop is. In addition, Pan Pac provided a replacement vehicle in top condition free of charge while ours was being serviced.”

Tiffanie’s business is registered under E-Beve LLP, which offers live and frozen seafood through its booth Pek Kio Market. Tiffanie began live-streaming regularly via social media during the pandemic and uses her Pan Pac leased vehicle to deliver orders.

The Bubble Tea brand expands its business through vehicle leasing

Wanpo Tea Shop SG produces tasty tea blends Taiwan’s villages of military dependents Singapore through a mixture of old and new. While every story of a family living in a military village comes from a cup of tea shared with family and neighbors, Wanpo’s age-old tea brewing methods combined with new blends from the villages have created unique bubble tea combinations that their customers love inspire back for more. Wanpo Tea Shop SG is among the top 10 bubble tea brands in Taiwan.

Corresponding Andrew Tam, Branding and Partnerships Director of Wanpo Tea Shop SG, appreciates the support and close partnership that Pan Pac has built with Wanpo over the years, which has helped them a lot with their online order delivery services. As a Master Franchisor for Singaporethey intend to open four more stores by the end of 2023, where Pan Pac will play a big role.

“In addition to an established fleet of ready-to-go vehicles to meet our current needs, Pan Pac also offers a flexible leasing model that helps us plan or budget more efficiently as we navigate the ups and downs of the business.” says Andrew.

Pan Pac salutes these unsung heroes from Singapore, and many others who strive every day to serve their customers through the fluctuations of business. Pan Pac is committed to supporting SMEs with their logistical needs for many years to come.

“We have seen the challenges our customers have faced during one of the most difficult times in business in 2 years. We have tried to support where we could and worked closely with many of them to get through it and will continue to support our local heroes every day where we can,” says Kenny Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Pan Pac. “This means continuing to innovate and modernize in an industry seen as traditional to remain relevant to changing technology and market demands.

Pan Pac logs on Christopher Lee – Reach out to hidden heroes and local businesses

Pan Pac has also signed up Christopher Lee, an award-winning international artist, to carry out a series of corporate social responsibility projects during the pandemic to bring a spark of joy to the community. Since becoming an ambassador for Pan Pac, Christopher Lee Distributed Clinical Masks to Migrant Workers as part of Pan Pac’s Behind Every Mask Corporate Social Responsibility Event.

“During the pandemic, there was a shortage of masks and a work stoppage. These migrant workers must have felt helpless, so far from home and so uncertain about their future in Singapore. Being able to see them and handing out much-needed masks and sanitizer to them must have brought them some relief, and I was thrilled to be able to do that with Pan Pac,” says Christopher.

The actor recently played the role of a construction worker in the upcoming Taiwanese HBO movie Workers (做工的人).[2]. To prepare for this role, he had to talk to migrant workers and try to put himself in their shoes. Christopher adds: “I used to not pay much attention to the construction workers when I was walking past a construction site. After playing this role, I can understand their needs and appreciate them more. They are really hidden heroes helping build Singapore Stone by stone, with no claim to the limelight.”



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