The trial claims the slain construction worker was buried alive


LAS VEGAS (KVVU/Gray News) – A lawsuit alleges that a construction worker was buried alive earlier this year while working on a project in the Las Vegas Valley.

KVVU reports that 32-year-old Rigoberto Canas Ramos died in an accident on March 31 in the northwestern part of the city, the coroner found.

Ramos was digging at a construction site. Firefighters in Las Vegas said a ditch collapsed at the site.

One lawsuit alleges that Ramos’ colleagues rushed to the ditch to locate him and found that a significant amount of soil had been dumped into the ditch.

According to the complaint, other workers rushed to save Ramos by frantically digging by hand and using a backhoe to remove about five feet of dirt from the trench.

Lawyers claim that no national security advisers were on or near the property and Ramos was buried alive.

According to the complaint, Ramos worked for a KB Home subcontractor. It is alleged that the home builder and his contractor safety company, Customized Safety and Quality Solutions, had no staff to oversee the construction with any reasonable frequency throughout the construction period.

The complaint went on to say that other construction accidents and/or near misses had occurred prior to Ramos’ death with no action taken to ensure future accidents would not occur.

The Labor Department said that 22 workers across the country died as a result of digging and excavation work in the first six months of this year. According to the report, there were 15 in total last year.

In response, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it is adding tougher enforcement to protect workers by conducting more than 1,000 ditch inspections at construction sites across the country.

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