Where can you borrow money – uncomplicated & fast – that’s how it works.

As a freelance graphic designer I was able to borrow money online

Where can I borrow money if you need an immediate payout? My 2-minute story of how I managed to borrow money quickly and easily.

In this post, I recorded how I could borrow money online without my house bank.

Read my story. Use possibilities with which you can lend money immediately! Find out how you can get an instant payout!

Yes, I managed to borrow money quickly and easily online. I am Austrian, and in Germany foreigners. And I did not know where to lend money without using local banks.

Who lends me money despite credit bureau?


So you can borrow money despite negative credit bureau

My credit bureau score was nil because as a foreigner I could ever score. A very bad starting position. Nevertheless, I urgently needed money immediately to make my necessary payments. The banks in Munich had responded too slowly to my loan request.

I was self-employed at this time. This is also called freelancing. I am a graphic artist and who was already independent, who knows that it is also difficult to achieve constant projects and revenue.

At this time in Munich, I needed a small financing. My request for a self-employed loan takes a long time from all local banks. From a bank, I received only after two weeks, a response to my request. Uff ….

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Borrow money as a freelance graphic artist

Borrow money as a freelance graphic artist

And on the fast which I also do not have the ability to improve my credit bureau Score. So what could I do?

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

“Where can I get money?” I thought. The only alternatives to banks were private lenders. I knew that there had to be private donors too. But where else could I find these? And how could I ensure that private money lenders could actually give me the money?

And if I actually got a personal loan, how would I get the money? How would I get the cash paid out?

At first, I had the Internet dursucht. Google was my first job. I’ve tried almost every banner ad and every platform. Advertisements such. “Borrowing money today” has made my hopes grow fast!

But as it is with advertisements. Each and every banner seemed invariably to make only cheap promises. And in the end I did not get any money – but a credit cancellation!

What the hell was going on? How can I get money fast?

Borrow money if you are in a hurry

Borrow money if you are in a hurry

So that’s it, I thought. I had absolutely nothing left to lose. But my situation did not seem completely hopeless, because I already had a new job in view. The employment contract was signed. But I would receive my first salary payment in 6 weeks.

And so I realized. In the short term, I had to borrow money privately and find a way to get money!

I strained my brain cells and thought about how best to get money in my situation! And then, I came up with an idea.

I lived in the USA for years before. And I remembered how I got weekly offers from credit card providers in my mailbox. The credit card was already sent in the envelope.

Most credit cards have already given me up to $ 5,000 in credit. All I had to do was activate the credit card and I could dispose of the money.

Well, well, I thought. Germany is not America. But also in Germany there are private credit card providers! So I had to find out how I could get a credit card!

You can read more about it in my article, how I found credit card providers and my experiences with it! Read my contribution credit card without credit bureau!

Money lends despite credit bureau entry

If the credit cards are out of the question for you, then I recommend you to use my 2-minute search request. This will send you a list by e-mail, with private lenders who can lend you money despite credit bureau!

Where can I borrow money?

Where can I borrow money?

Easy and fast it should go without long waiting times. As a freelancer I managed to get money online. With the right partners, you can now borrow money immediately. How, I’ll tell you here and now!

I have managed to borrow money as a foreigner in Germany immediately as a freelancer.

I have tested various credit calculators and numerous online credit providers who advertise to lend you money immediately and today. Borrow money from private persons? What worked?

And which providers have tried to “kid me off”? What simple tips you can use to get your online loan instantly. And how you can lend money privately!

Where can I borrow money without a bank?

First, I went to a local bank and asked for a loan. After 10 minutes I realized. I do not get an instant confirmation from the bank.

The staff assured me that the loan request takes 3-5 days to process.

That was just too long for me. So what could I do now? And how could I borrow money without a bank? That’s why I’ve tried another way of lending personal money to individuals online. I’ll tell you how I managed to borrow money online without a bank.

I’ll show you step by step how you can lend money. With a fast and transparent credit comparison in Germany. There are many online platforms for personal loans.

I compare uncomplicated and fast loans from private to private. You can start your loan request in a few minutes immediately and without obligation. But yes, a few minutes you should take your time and read this article.

Then you also know where you can borrow money. I’ll show you step by step how to borrow money from individuals on the internet. And yes, I managed to borrow money online in 24 hours.

Where can one borrow money immediately and seriously without long waits?

Where can one borrow money immediately and seriously without long waits?

If you are currently close to cash or you are in financial distress then it can help you if you can lend money quickly. And if you need money, no matter if it should be a smaller amount or a larger loan then you need the money also urgently and not in months.

No matter what purchase you want to make, whether it should be a renovation for your house or a loan for your car. The question is: Where can you borrow money and who will lend me money?

Where can I borrow money without income?

Where can I borrow money without income?

My situation was not very easy. I had no work and no proof of income at this time. Well, I was a freelance graphic designer and had a few projects I’m working on.

First, I went to local banks and asked if the bank could lend me money. After talking with the supervisor for about 10 minutes, I realized that the bank could not help me immediately.

The answer to a micro-loan was quick and short. We will process your request. Please have a little patience. We will contact you next week. Well, but that was way too slow, because I needed the money immediately and not in a week.

Who will lend me money if not my bank?

Who will lend me money if not my bank?

So it happened that I searched online immediately for easy and fast lending without a bank. Where can you borrow money from private persons? And so I realized that I had to borrow money from private individuals. Because a conventional financial institution just seemed to be much too slow. So I searched the Internet and also found many different private lenders.

Quick and easy money lending without bank

Quick and easy money lending without bank

For one thing, I’ve found online marketplaces where credit seekers and private lenders come together. On these marketplaces it is possible to announce their credit request.

What is relatively quick and easy in practice. When that’s done, you can get loan offers from individuals. The conditions for a loan from private individuals vary. It is clear that you should be accurate and honest for yourself with the information your monthly expenses as well as a name.

The loan application can be made online quickly and easily. And in just a few minutes, you’ll know if private lenders will lend you money or not. I would also like to point out that there is also the chance to get a Swiss loan.

Another possibility is through credit cards. There are also private credit card providers where you can borrow money immediately and today. This process works best in most cases. At the end of this article you will also find these providers that allow you to get cash on your account today.

Where can you borrow money as a self-employed person?

Where can you borrow money as a self-employed person?

If you are an entrepreneur or you start your own business, then there is a solution for it. Special lending money for the self-employed is very complicated at banks.

Again, private lenders offer many advantages over banks. So you can private help faster and easier to help you to get your money.

Even with less good credit. Of course you should be careful to improve your credit bureau Score. But it is clear that private lenders usually do not require a business plan for a self-employed loan. It is important that you explain your project and business plans well and understandably. Then it is easier for the funders to understand your business idea. And in the end, borrowing the money will work fast and easy.

Where can you get money?

Another advantage is the fact that many private small loans or larger sums for a loan often have more favorable conditions than offered by banks. Making money borrowing makes even more sense.

You can also choose the desired loan, the principal amount, your monthly repayment rate and the intended use in many cases.

What about your credit opportunities?

In principle, everyone has the same chances of getting a loan. Even if your credit rating is not the best, you as a private person have a good chance of getting money. Following you will find now my search order where you can quickly and easily make a no-obligation loan request.

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